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Yarn Bases

Yarn bases we dye

Yarn Bases


B R I N D I L L E  R U S T I C S I N G L E P L Y - 80% domestic Dorset Wool 20 % Nylon


Brindille is Taïga’s little sister. Its name is also the French word for twig, and just like a small solitary branch stretching towards the sky, it hints at its rustic, single ply qualities.

Brindille works as a heavy fingering weight yarn which makes it sweater-friendly and adaptable for different gauges. Its toothy texture makes it a yarn of choice for colourwork pieces. Finally, the addition of nylon to this domestic Dorset wool also makes it suitable for socks.


437 yds / 125 g

hand wash in cold water


N E B U L A  K I D S I L K L A C E - 70% Kid Mohair 30% Mulberry Silk

Nebula is our kidsilk lace weight yarn that will surround your knits with a dreamy halo while giving them structure (did you know that silk is known as nature’s nylon?). 

Use it alone with bigger needles or stranded with another yarn for colour play and texture delight ! We highly suggest to pair it with a rustic yarn for a one-of-a-kind knitted fabric with a sfumato feel reminiscent of the old paintings of Italian masters.

459 yds / 50 g

hand wash in cold water


A R I E S  M C N F I N G E R I N G - 80% Merino 10% Cashmere 10% Nylon

Bleu Poussière’s Aries is a plump 3-ply fingering weight yarn made of an exquisite blend of imported merino, cashmere and nylon fibres for fine knits. 

Because it’s superwash treated, Aries will charm you with its deep and vibrant shades while its particularly soft texture will keep you wrapped in the celestial comfort of cashmere.

385 yds / 100 g

superwash treated


P I E D  B L E U  H I G H  T W I S T  S O C K  - 80% Bluefaced Leicester  20% Nylon


Pied Bleu is the French name commonly given to a purple-ish mushroom, the Blue Foot, which reminds us of our love for colours and fungi and of course knitting for our feet !
Pied Bleu is our go-to yarn base for sock knitting. The Bluefaced Leicester sheep’s long fleece, when combined with nylon, a high-twist spinning style and a superwash treatment, makes up for durable, cozy, and easy-care socks.


400 yds / 100 g

superwash treated


T A Ï G A  R U S T I C W O R S T E D - 100% Domestic Dorset Wool

Taïga is the name given to the boreal forests of the subarctic regions where one can observe a phenomenon of dancing colours in the sky that always enchanted me—the aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights.

Made from the softest fleece of a Dorset sheep flock in Kamouraska (province of Quebec) and woollen spun in the province of New Brunswick, Taïga has a light rusticity and yet, it still is next-to-the-skin soft. This woolly wool will keep you in touch with nature as its intrinsic qualities makes it water-repellent and thus perfect for wool items destined for a journey outdoors.

240 yds / 113 g

hand wash in cold water




Please note we dye yarn that comes already spun and skeined. In rare occasions, a batch may contain unpleasant knots that escape us in the process. If this happens to you, we are truly sorry for the inconvenience this may cause and invite you to contact us with any concerns so that we can notify our providers about the issue. 

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